August 15, 2018

Front-End (React) Developer

  • Good knowledge of framework (ReactJS, MobX);
  • Understanding of HTTP
  • JS, CSS3, HTML5
  • Experience using RESTful APIs and basic authentication mechanisms;
August 14, 2018

Java Developer

  • Good Knowledge and experience in Java, Spring, Hibernate, Tomcat, SOLR
  • Experience in MySQL
  • Experience in using Git, Maven, Jenkins
  • Good knowledge and experience in Amazon AWS.
July 27, 2018

Web (.NET) Developer

  • experience with .NET, C#
  • Design patterns
  • GIT
  • MS BizTalk
  • Good written and verbal English
July 27, 2018

Web Automation QA engineer Selenium Webdriver (C#)

  • Strong C# knowledge;
  • Experience with Selenium WebDriver;
  • Understanding of REST and HTTP protocol;
  • Strong knowledge of testing theory and software development;
  • Strong knowledge of test approaches and methodologies;
  • Strong knowledge of testing processes and defect tracking;
  • Experience in test design;
  • Experience in web-applications testing;
  • Good written and verbal English.
July 26, 2018

Android developer

  • Android SDK:
    1. Activities, Fragments and their lifecycle
    2. Services, Broadcast receivers
    3. Notifications, Intents
    4. Storing data (Content Providers, SQLite, Shared Preferences)
    5. View collections (ListView, RecyclerView, GridView) and Adapters (default and custom)
  • Material Design
  • Tools: RxJava 2, Dagger 2, Retrofit 2, ButterKnife, Gson/Moshi, Glide/Fresco/Picasso
  • ...
July 2, 2018

HOT .NET (WPF) developer position!

  • C#, .Net, VS2015,17
  • GUI Programming WPF / MVVM
  • Good in math
  • Affinity with (electric) technics (Hardware, (RF) DataTransmission...)
  • Experience with Git
  • Advanced level of English
July 2, 2018

Content manager/SMM manager

  • Experience in technical writing or content writing on technical topics (programming languages and frameworks, testing automation, software development outsourcing, etc)
  • Ability to do in-depth content research on complex topics
  • Strong analytical skills, ability to process and structure large volumes of complex information
  • Good written English
  • Understanding of on-page SEO, basic experience with keyword research
  • A sense of humor ;)