Top tools for delivery Managers. Wonderhow to make the work process easier and smooth?

  • Teamwork software
  • Сonvenient communication
  • Analytic tools. Calm your client.
  • What if you couldn’t the perfect one

Project management is a complicated thing. It includes developing a project plan, which involves defining and confirming the project goals and objectives, how they will be achieved, identifying tasks and quantifying the resources needed, and determining budgets and timelines for completion. The project manager is in the epicenter of the development process: it calms the client, invigorates the team, convinces team lead of the truthfulness of the phrase “the impossible is possible” and generally the whole hands of the master. The work is interesting, and if you properly build the processes – also a pleasant one! To make life easier for you, we have gathered the popular tools that project managers and product managers use to automate the workflow and spend less time.

Teamwork software

To simplify any working process, the first thing that you should assure is to be in touch with your team, know their tasks and deadlines. There so many softwares for this, but we would like to show you the most popular ones.


A web platform for delegating tasks and tracking their implementation. It is used in the design development:
customizable bug tracking, integration with Git and the ability to create a separate task pool for each function of the software product.


You have already heard about this wonderful platform! Trello works on the principle of Kanban-plaque. Here you can
create cards with tasks, sign participants, attach documents, post deadlines and leave comments.


The main plus is open source. You can create and tie useful functions or roll other people’s modifications. It differs from the same Trello ability to create user roles: designate participants, set user rights restrictions, assign different roles for participants in different projects.


Another web-based platform for task management. Excellent product from former Microsoft employees
and Facebook. Friendly interface, simplicity (you can control one keyboard) and integration with the mail. It is
convenient to work and communicate in one place.


The tool is more for developers, but it will also come in handy. Here you can jointly program individual modules, fix jambs and work on the code with the whole team, which is very convenient.


All ingenious is simple. Download technical tasks, plans, project documentation and other bureaucracy for quick exchange.

Сonvenient communication

To not spend too much time running between office spaces to get an answer from your colleague that will actually take two seconds, we recommend you to try this tools:


A popular tool for working correspondence. Here you can create thematic chatiki, for example: “development”, “support”, “design”. Each participant can only join the chat room of interest. A huge plus – customizable notifications: you can see all the messages or only those that are addressed to you. There are no stickers, gifs and the ability to share the records of communities, which means there will be no flooding and unnecessary waste of time. You can exchange files. In general, we advise!


Old good skype. Here, too, there will be no distractions and videoconferencing is useful in a distributed team – it is more convenient to conduct scrum-meetings, planers and brainstorms.


Convenient, fast, easy. You can send files, create channels for operational information, chat in themed chat rooms, but oh these stickers! There is a possibility of constant exchange of hyphas and distraction of the team from important tasks.

Analytic tools. Calm your client.

Some customers will give you their requirements and wait till you bring them a completed project. However, others would like to control the process and check the stages that you accomplished. For such cases, following tools will be a good support.

MS Project

A powerful tool for tracking and planning work. Useful when the customer will require an estimate and show a step-by-step plan. Here you will stage out the progress of the work, attach resources, designate the responsible, estimate the cost and build Gantt charts (yes, they are still used). Significant negative – paid (cap, yes).


Free alternative to Project in the light version.


Task manager with job analysis. You will know the amount of tasks a team can perform for a day / week / month. So it’s easier to plan backlog and allocate time.

Pulse For Trello

A useful extension for Trello, which builds reporting on the project: the number of completed tasks, time costs (up to minutes), burn-out graphs, pivot tables and filtering by several parameters. And then everything imports into Excel – a miracle!

What if you couldn’t the perfect one

There are so many different tools and softwares that might help you to lead the project. All you need is to google your needs and you will get the list of free and prepaid options. Moreover, some tools can be used not just in IT sphere. However if you still couldn’t find the perfect one, so here is the hint: create it for yourself! We are ready to implement it according to all your requirements. Give us a call and describe what kind of features you need, the other part is on us.