Software Solutions for Oil & Gas Enterprises


  • Oil and Gas Project Management Software
  • Utility Prices Monitoring App
  • Enhanced Radio Communication App
  • Mobile App Trends in Oil and Gas Industry
  • Time-saving on Communication with Contractors
  • Assets Accounting App
  • Easy Renting Optimization for Oil & Gas Companies

There are two biggest challenges that natural and energy resource companies are facing today. You may know them better than we are: shrinking global prices and high operating costs.

Since we can’t influence global demand for oil and gas, we can work with the operating prices. For example, improvement of human resource management, enhancement of network maintenance, and getting even better in logistics.

Top Oil and Gas Apps

Oil and Gas Project Management Software

This software is particularly useful for enterprises that are required to track expansions into new markets, milestones for capital investments, and also risks that are associated with those activities.

Though this software allows:

  • Planning and optimization of resources.
  • Collaborations and quick connection of external teams.
  • Projects’ risks estimation and optimization.
  • Notification of board members and compliance with corporate standards.
  • Reporting and Analytics tools.

Utility Prices Monitoring App

As a mining company, you probably constantly monitor utility demand signals, along with vendor and asset pricing metrics. The better information turnaround you establish, the lower would be your prices for electricity consumption and other inputs like gas for trucks.

  • Comprehensive notifications for lowest/highest utility prices.
  • Smart contracts to buy low and sell high.
  • A flexible system that can monitors different markets simultaneously and live.

Enhanced Radio Communication App

It must be acknowledged that all those text-input messengers are worthless when we’re talking about working in the field. Your field workers are too busy to make a pause for text. The only communication channel is a radio, and this channel is about to upgrade.

You can keep field crews connected and collaborating in real time. This is done by introducing a flexible radio interface:

  • Hot button system to switching radio channels will give your crew members better collaboration potential.
  • Shortcuts for teams and groups of workers let your supervisors distribute information faster.
  • A quick search for a particular crew member through a visual interface for head stuff.
  • Pre-defined radio notifications with safety information, emergency protocols, and routing instructions.

New communication app will help your crews to shift radio channels seamlessly which will result in better productivity and reduction of risks.

Mobile App Trends in Oil and Gas Industry

Get maximum from existing sensor infrastructure

Enhance connectivity between your current sensor networks and business applications. This way you will cut several intermediaries between you and your vital performance markers that are collected from wells and platforms.

We can upload all this data into your oil, gas and petrochemical operations management software. This way you’ll maximize management savings and increase the productivity of your operations.

Industry-Specific Could Services – We can integrate all this industry-specific sensor data into the cloud, so your global presence won’t be constrained by time latencies and lags.

Getting data into the cloud also means all your sensors and core application will be playing on the same side and you will get improved efficiency.

Time-saving on communication with contractors

Deploy microservices and APIs to extend your enterprise software, which we assume haven’t been upgraded for years. By using microservices, you can build new products and connect contractors to your system, without the risk of losing vital data.

The API and microservices can be beneficial if you have a large legacy code base, but you need to communicate with third-parties.

This way you don’t require any transformation inside your existing software, but can build on top of it.

Our previous client was facing such need, where he wanted to shift some operation to the contractor’s side, but had troubles in communicating with a third-party software solution.

Assets Accounting App

We all know about the huge material asset base that oil and gas companies have. Maintaining and managing such a vast number of appliances can be challenging. By developing specialized asset management app an energy company can better orchestrate its assets to re-increase total recovery from the east side.

One of the simple examples is vessels tracking app that informs what vessels coming in, when, and what items are on that vessel. Such an app can also track that information and automatically transfer it to the port management system or any other regulatory needed.

We used to see that everybody recorded that type of information in Excel and people would have to manually update those spreadsheets, and then go to the system and update the data there as well.

What we’re talking about is an automation app that could keep those records in place and updated by itself. By customizing this solution your people can enter something one time and it will be automatically updated across all documents.

Easy Renting Optimization for Oil & Gas Companies

Something we find in the industry a lot is people do rentals. They’re renting their assets or their equipment out. And a lot of companies in need to track things via units of production. This means they

depreciate based on the hours that items are used. What can be done is building an app that can not only track every item and vehicle but also track how many hours that item is been used. So next time you’ll invoice your client you can show how many hours the item has been used and the system will show how many hours that item should depreciate.

Such a software system can also track your serialized items, so if one of those items are serialized – it will track all the ins and outs of it. This way you’ll know exactly when and what maintenance is needed.

There are numerous other tiny and in-detail micro-services that can be implemented into your enterprise software system.

But it all starts with communication and trust. So, if you need a specific software solution that fits your needs – Onboarding Start Here.