Product design tips: how to communicate with clients and gain their trust?

  • Create a friendly atmosphere
  • Respect the customer
  • Make it clear that you are a pro, but do not overdo it
  • Instead of a thousand words – show the product
  • Take care of peace with the help of an agreement

Product design tips: how to communicate with clients and gain their trust?

How to make the interaction simple and effective for both parties, find a common language with the customer and prevent the emergence of insoluble conflicts?

Create a friendly atmosphere

Let the person understand that you are on the same side. Start all the conversations with a smile and
common questions for chatting like “How are you? Doing well?”. It is something very classy but believe us it always help gain some trust.

The customer should feel happy and being listened to so the product or service is taken seriously. This does not mean that you need to become a friend, and after work together walk around the bars. On the contrary, such closeness only harms, it is necessary to keep the golden mean.

Respect the customer

The customer can be mistaken – this is normal. It’s why you’ve been called, because you are a pro. If a potential customer wants something absurd – explain why it is worth doing otherwise, what might be lost and what risks are there in case of ignoring your advices. Find out why you client wants just this option and show how to do it better and why so.

Perhaps this will be the beginning of a successful long-term cooperation. And in case of total misunderstanding or lack of time for detailed explanations politely refuse or announce the cost of the consultation.

Make it clear that you are a pro, but do not overdo it

Show the customer that you are a professional and you have everything under control. But do not forget that it is not necessary to dazzle too much with “smart words”, because you are not on the exam. The task is not to show that you know a lot, but to understand what the customer wants.

Many professionals abuse professional terms, putting customers in an awkward position and forcing to simply nod their head, without understanding the essence of the conversation. I believe that in the beginning of communication you need to determine the technical level of the person who came to you as soon as possible and then talk with him with those words that are understandable, incidentally explaining complex things and closing gaps in understanding the overall picture.

Instead of a thousand words – show the product

To successfully communicate with the customer, you need to not only correctly formulate your thoughts, but also be able to talk in the customer’s language, understand a business problem, understand the specific automated domain and industry specifics, and, of course, be prepared for the meeting.

However, one demonstration of a software product costs a thousand words. You can spend a dozen different meetings with the customer, but only by showing the system to live to understand how it really should or should not have been done. So, we try to release the versions of the developed software products as often as possible and show them to our customers. If for some reason the version is still released early, we show the interface pictures, videos, etc. Serious, voluminous documents that require agreement by the customer, we also try to pronounce verbally to speed up the coordination and minimize the likelihood of misinterpretation.

Take care of peace with the help of an agreement

Sometimes you can not do without formalization. The contract is the guarantor of calmness in case of
occurrence of disputable situations.

When everything goes smoothly and the parties solve the arising problems in an amicable way, then nobody picks up the contract. But as soon as the conflict situation is ripening, more and more people are starting to refer to this document. A good contract can extinguish almost any conflict. In preparing the agreement, we recommend:

  • Detailed terms of reference;
  • Breakdown of all works into stages and signing of an act for each stage;
  • A clear procedure for accepting the results, including insurance programmer from an unscrupulous customer who
    declines to accept the acceptance.

Great communication in client relationships is an important step in your career to establish early on. It is key at all stages of working together from initial introduction meeting to completing your project, month or year together. Strong communication skills can increase your popularity with clients, improve how trustworthy your clients see you and can make tricky situations easier to solve.

As you can see, there are many ways how to work and focus on the communication with your clients. By listening, being proactive and personable, you are sure to be on your way to successful relationship. And what do you consider the most important in communicating with the customer?