7 Business Automation Benefits for Your Company


  • #1 Productivity Gains & Error Reduction
  • #2 Enhanced Managerial Reporting
  • #3 Cost Reduction
  • #4 Higher Quality Control
  • #5 Better Analytics
  • #6 Customization of Processes
  • #7 Increased Efficiency

There is a lot of talk about automation in business these days. Let’s keep in mind that the true purpose of automation is not for automation sake, but rather for simplification. It’s about addressing the inherent complexity of running a business.   Now, there’s nothing simple about an industry you’re working in. We know there are thousands of moving mechanisms, and people, and software programs. But gradual architecting for simplicity and automatization can pay major benefits.

Automation and simplicity go hand in hand. Automation is effective in eliminating repetitive manual tasks. If the entire environment is too complex and requires the constant intervention of a high-paid expert, you’ll pay more money and wase time. If you move to simplicity – you will be able to automate tasks and make more than spend.

Automation of Manual Processes Benefits

Firstly, let’s clear up what is Process Automation from the software development perspective? It is actually the implementation of a system that reduces the need to work with manual controlsJust find “manual” processes that do not need the presence of consciousness and replace them with software.

McKinsey estimate that 49 percent of the activities that people are paid to do in the global economy has the potential to be automated by adapting currently demonstrated technology. While less than 5 percent of occupations can be fully automated, about 60 percent have at least 30 percent of activities that can technically be automated.

#1 Productivity Gains & Error Reduction

Process automation greatly reduces the need to perform manual tasks. This causes a shorter time to carry out the necessary demands. This ability can also be reached on access to information and its sharing.

As the process end up being executed automatically, the error rate of the tasks is significantly reduced. This, in turn, causes people to have more control over the process which allows them to identify more easily what are the weaknesses that make the process inefficient.

#2 Enhanced Managerial Reporting

Software allows you to generate reports that give the manager a much wider and complete view of the results of its operations. This consolidates information too and renders easy access to information.

We have developed such automation reporting tool for Skoda manufacturing partner. We prepared a web application for online reporting. It allows collect all the data on products testing easily and with minimum human input.

#3 Cost Reduction

Increasing productivity, reduction of errors and improved managerial decision-making process all add up to the reduction of running costs. We should stress out, that automation does not necessarily mean replacement of workers with machines. Frequently, the number of workers stays at the same level, but companies find solutions to reduce production waste or optimize work environment.

Business Process Automation Benefits

Every business is made up of processes. The processes describe how would you get from point “A” to point “B”. Whom does it go through? What departments does it hit? All these things that happen inside the company that you trained somebody to do – these all called business processes and a lot of them can be automated.

By moving processes into the background would allow you to get critical benefits that will fuel your business. From here on we’ll three benefits your company can gain from business process automation.

#4 Higher Quality Control

The reduction of waste and errors, with continuous improvements, impact positively on the quality of products and services your company offers to clients. You can also start to notice an improvement in service through agility.

It must be acknowledged that humans are flawed. We make mistakes, we can work only on one thing at one time. But what differs automation from human work is consistency. Because the processes are being automated, you can rest assured that every process meets quality standards.

#5 Better Analytics

Because the processes are automated and done with software you get valuable insight into how your business runs potential bottlenecks how long it takes time. You can understand where are the inefficiencies inside your company.

On top of that, automation greatly benefits interaction between departments in your company. With the right tools, there will be no intermediaries who could be blamed on. You can clearly trace which department is inefficient or slows the process.

What it also allows you to do is to compare the data before and after changes you’ve implemented inside your company.

#6 Customization of Processes

One of the undervalued pros of automation is the ability to calibrate the business process on the fly. Opposed to popular belief that software is rigid and hard on changes, it proved to be simpler in customization and scaling that manual work.

Just ask yourself how much time would you spent to hire and train a new person for a new role. And how good you’re at scaling this person’s proficiencies. Will it take year or two to level up the specialists for specific needs?

Software automation allows you to answer market demands for specific tasks in weeks rather than months. You can simply tweak the existing business process or even add a new pipeline in order to differentiate it.

#7 Increased Efficiency

What we have found over the years of software development is that most business processes are actually communication stages. It’s mostly about moving documents and notifications from one person to the next.

Because you can move that all into the background your employees will become free to focus on tasks that are more valuable and profitable to the business. Firstly, this “leisure” time can be used to develop strategies for other tasks that require greater involvement.

Importantly, your company will also notice processes execution speed up. Now, when they’re done by software, they will be delivered much faster and literally simultaneously. So there will be no disbalance in the information coverage, where one department is better informed than another one.

Frankly speaking, probably you already know about these benefits. Let us guess, you’re looking for a good software executer, who could meet your very specific needs. Well… don’t waste your time!

Specific needs require specific deeds,

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