We are helping businesses of any size by creating and maintaining WEB solutions that matter, being honest and setting the context.
Our mission

Help companies to create meaningful solutions that affect industries with the help of our cohesive teams that are ruled by our core values: honesty, respect, understanding, support, openness, optimism. Establish the long term and fruitful relations with our partners.

Our services
Delivery management
Web software development
QA services
Business Analysis:
Discover projects from the scratch or the basic idea
Product discovery (researching the possible needs of the users)
Create technical documentation (requirements)
Product design:
Create the prototypes and wireframes based on the technical documentation (nice UX - is the main goal)
Create the design based on the wireframes according to the latest
Software Testing:
Test-case creation and manual testing
Unit test code coverage for the Java, C#
Automated UI testing -> Selenium WebDriver
We are mostly focused on web development (any level of difficulty) and code in C# (.NET) and Java.
Codebase and task maintenance
Server side (back end)
CI/CD pipeline
Data storage
Frontend (client side)
How we do it
We believe that strong synergetic results can be reached only through long term meaningful relationships with our business partners. We handle a dedicated team of top developers to help our partners. As an additional value, we provide the delivery manager to make the work effective and productive on the free of charge basis, because we are delivering the result instead of selling hours. Therefore, in order to for us to bring you value your business and project has to meet a certain set of criteria:
Operating business with at least 10 employees
Your business operations located in Europe
Competent technical rep on your behalf
Understanding of your business goals and challenges
Onboarding process
Set of calls and meetings with our BA and TL that will help understanding your business domain and your current challenges.
Get started
Definition and delivery of the “pilot” project by the fixed price model (This will build up trust and adjust the style of our collaboration). Initial team allocation.
Our dedicated team meets your team in order to generate the definition of the scope for the year.
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About us
We are very much aware of our competence and the model of collaboration that we believe in. It has been proven through the meaningful collaborations with multiple world known companies. Our main goal is to bring results to our partners, not butt hours. This is why we will carefully qualify your company and learn the value that you are bringing to the world, to be sure that we can be helpful to your business.
Current business domains
Analytics & Big data (CRM, Internal business tools, SAAS applications)
Sports & Fitness
Financial & Payments
Next business domain can be yours
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